Daylight Savings Time....

I was under the impression that the time on my system would be automatically be adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. When I awoke this Morning, all of the lights which should have turned off were still on. This Evening, none of my lights turned on automatically as they should have. When I checked my thermostat, the time shown was still pre-DST. I went ahead and manually adjusted the time and turned all my outdoor lights on.

Please advise as to why this may have happened. Thanks in advance…

Same here free2scour.

Were your automation schedules time based, or were the sunset/sunrise based? reports they received some tickets yesterday about some sunset/sunrise automation schedules that were an hour behind due to the adjustment to DST. According to, those issues were resolved around 7pm yesterday. Are you still noticing issues with your automation schedules?

My outdoor light schedules are all based on Sunrise/Sunset. I left prior to Sunrise this Morning, so I’m not sure if the lights went out when they were supposed to. My indoor lights go off on a time based schedule and that seemed to work fine. Isn’t the time on the thermostat supposed to change automatically? If so, it didn’t, I changed it manually yesterday Evening.

Unfortunately, the time on the Radio Thermostat CT-100 does not change automatically. It will have to be changed twice a year to accurately reflect the current time as a result of DST. does not actually use the thermostat clock for any purpose and instead uses the panel time for any of the time based automation schedules.