Dark night pictures from Image Sensor

My recently installed image sensor takes very very dark pictures at night even with a hallway light on. Is there any way to turn on the night vision?

There is a certain threshold a which the IR will kick in, but I suspect the hallway light may be making the room just light enough that it isn’t hitting that threshold. That is the most common culprit of dark photos in this sort of scenario. Have you tried capturing images at night without any lights on?

Yes I’ave also tried that and the picture was just black, hence the reason why I decided to turn on the hallway light.

How are the images during the day? Are they still dark or do they appear to be clear pictures?

Another possible to check is to make sure the bracket on the back has been affixed to the image sensor for the correct height.

The bracket has a way to install it for both an 8ft. installation and a 6ft installation. If the bracket is installed at the wrong position for the height of the image sensor it can cause multiple problems.

The first would be most apparent, the image would either be angled very high or very low. Another possible issue would be the angle of the IR emitters to a light source at night. If the emitters are pointed too directly at a light source, you would most likely see too much light (this is most likely not what is happening with you since the image is still dark with the hallway light on. However, if it pointed too far away from the light source, it may just be enough light to not trigger the IR emitters but not enough light to actually produce a good picture.

This wouldn’t be noticeable during the day because the amount of ambient light during the day would be enough to generate a clear image.

Hope this helps.