CT100 Thermostat Installer options

I installed a CT100 thermostat a few days ago. I see there is an Installer tab under Thermostat Configuration on Alarm.com but when I access it, everything is grayed out and I can’t change anything. Can someone please explain this to me?

Installer and Advanced tabs need to be enabled by provider for you to access and change. Grayed out settings may mean that they are not configurable options for your tstat. It may also indicate view only access where only your provider can make changes.

If you have Surety then you should have full access to all the tstat supported settings on the Installer and Advanced tabs. Grayed out settings prob means not supported.

By provider, do you mean alarm.com or SuretyDIY?

Surety would be the provider (if you pay them and your service is through them). ADC is the backend.

The installer tab specifically on a CT100 will be grayed out and inaccessible. The features under the installer tab for CT100 thermostats are read only, remotely.