CT100 C wire post zwave addition

My house has two furnaces. Whoever installed it did not connect the c wire At either end. I installed both CT 100 thermostats and added them to the Z wave network. Only afterwards did I find out that the c wire was not connected.

I connected the c wire at both the thermostat and at the furnace on both furnaces. Everything seems to be working fine for the time being. How can I tell if the thermostat is using the c wire to act as a Z wave repeater? Do I need to do something else on the panel in order for the thermostat to start acting as a repeater?

Thanks much in advance.

If the C wire was connected and powering the thermostat when it was added to the panel’s Z-Wave network then it will be acting as a repeater. If not, then you would have to remove the thermostat from the Z-Wave network and then add it again with the C wire connected to get it to behave as a repeater. Once your Alarm.com account is up and running we can tell you whether it’s enrolled as an AC or battery powered device which would tell you whether it’s currently acting as a repeater.

Thanks Ryan - REALLY appreciate the quick response. I’ll be on ACS soon - until then I’ll re-register the thermostats. Was asking because I was hoping it was this case - I can’t reach a light switch that is on the other side of a thermostat in the house. If this wasn’t the case then I have bigger problems :slight_smile:


Ryan - can you please login to ADC and see if the C wire is powering the tstats? I’m getting no schedule activity at all and have deleted and re-added them but still no joy. Before I take the panel off the wall and re-pair them within feet of one another, wanted to be sure the power is working correctly at least. While you’re in there see if you can find any other errors please. The tstats are the last thing to get squared away on the system.


It looks like they’re both enrolled as AC powered Z-Wave devices so they should be acting as repeaters. Have you tried doing a “Rediscover Network” from the 2GIG panel? The best way to succeed is to bring the panel to each thermostat like you mentioned and enroll them with the panel next to the thermostat. Then mount the panel back on the wall in it’s permanent location and do a “Rediscover Network” on the 2GIG panel so the panel will rediscover it’s networking routes.