CSVR causing video lag

Hey guys I have the following setup

  • 2 V724 cameras
  • 1 V622 Well Cam
  • 1 V515 Camera
    -1 CSVR126-2TB

When I have just the cameras connected to my network recording only the ADC cloud they work flawlessly. If I turn on the SVR and add them to it they get so bogged down trying to record to both places that I’ll see the same time stamp on the SVR ie: 12:33:45pm for multiple seconds and then it will jump to catch up. Work fine for a couple seconds then do the same thing again. Anyone else ever seen this issue? And the mount I delete and power off the SVR and the cams are only recording to ADC again they work perfectly again. So frustrating

I can send sample videos of the behavior if needed

Root cause identifies as a routing issue in my network. Once corrected equipment is working properly :slight_smile:

We’ve heard a similar report a couple times but those users weren’t able to identify any settings causes on the network, if you don’t mind, can you describe the issue you identified? That may help other users with the same router or similar settings.

I found that my router (a tplink for my camera equipment) was separating devices into almost “vlan” type of networks based on if they were 2.4 or 5 ghz as it had a feature to bandsteer all under one SSID. In this setup it was almost as if the traffic had to traverse the built-in firewall for it to reach the SVR and the camera equipment didn’t like that. Once I turned off bandsterring and seperated the bands and only had everything connected to 2.4 ghz it had been working much better since

Thank you for confirming.