Cops showing up at my house

My Mother in Law came by earlier than expected and did not know the alarm was on. She set it off. My wife and I both at different locations tried to remotely turn it off, and for some reason neither one of us could get the command to go through. Apparently it did because she said it was now disarmed once we called.

The police then showed up to the house. Usually, the alarm company would call and I could tell them it was a false alarm and no need to send anyone. However, this time, no one ever called my wife, myself, or any of our secondaries.

Did they stop calling now? My wife and I both have YouMail with spam blocking. Is it possible they were blocked? Are there certain numbers we should whitelist?
Is there 2-way communication through the Qolsys panel?

Thanks for the details!

Looking at the event and the monitoring account, it looks like the numbers on your account for the first two contacts were returned as disconnected when dialed and marked as bad contact numbers. The third number was reached but a voicemail could not be left as the VM box was reported full.

Have you changed phone number recently? Might this be an error on the carrier’s part to return a disconnected line response?

You can check on and update the first two contacts in your Surety System Manager on the professional monitoring tab.

I’ve removed the bad number flag from the first two numbers but it would be good to double check to make sure these are up to date.

If the spam blocking may return a “Disconnected” message you would want to white-list 801-781-6101.

Two way voice is available and can be turned on from your system manager.

Thanks for the info. We’ve had the same numbers we have always had. I called the number you provided and had them call each of our phones. My wife’s YouMail spam blocking blocked the call. I whitelisted their number and they called back and it now goes through.

For my phone, they called, and my YouMail spam block did not block them and went through fine. (wondering if I whitelisted them before?). My wife’s history in YouMail showed their call was blocked yesterday. My YouMail never showed them calling me yesterday.

Either way, support was great and they worked with me on the line until all calls were going through. I also went into system manager and enabled Two-Way voice. That wasn’t supported on the Qolsys IQ2 before. It now works on that panel?

Thanks for all your help getting resolved!

Your first number also had a bad number flag, so that likely means it was marked as a bad number in a prior event, which then it would be skipped over this time.

Both flags were removed so you should be good to go now as long as the number is white-listed.

Originally there was a problem with the IQ Panel 2 on the Verizon carrier with 2-Way Voice at launch, but it has been a while since that was a concern. You should be good with current firmware!