Cooper Zwave switch not recognized by 2Gig

I have installed a Cooper Zwave switch in several locations and they work fine. In one location, however, when I initiate the pairing process, the 2Gig controller says the manufacturer is not recognized. A node # is assigned, but the controller cannot access the switch functions.
This switch is about 50 feet away from the 2GIG panel and there is a booster in between. I have tried pairing with the booster on and the booster off.

Any ideas?

Cooper Aspire Z-wave switches do not work with the system. I’ve never gotten a solid answer on the exact cause, but they are a bit of an outlier when it comes to Z-wave switches. In general most switches will work, but Cooper has problems on all compatible systems.


Thank you for your response. I have two other switches working, but they are finicky. I tried to enroll the switch one more time after moving a floor lamp that was near the 2GIG controller. I’m not sure that was the cause, but it enrolled right away and now works fine! Odd…