Control outlet by lightswitch


I am in the planning phase and am interested if what I want to do is possible with a GC3 and ADC. I have GE light switches and GE outlets spread around the house that I can individually control with no problems from my phone or panel. I would like to find a way to turn on an outlet when I turn on a switch. Ex living room light gets turned on by wall switch and outlet with reading light comes on at the same time. Is this possible as a scene or rule? Can I trigger a scene by a wall switch?



Hi Isaac,

With you can do that by connecting a sensor to a wall switch and creating an automation rule that turns on the z-wave lights when the sensor is activated. It’s easy if you have a wall switch dedicated to the automation, you can just wire a sensor directly to it. If the light switch is actually controlling a light and has 120V AC running through it then you would need to use a relay to isolate the sensor from the electricity.

This is exactly what I was looking and hoping for. I only have experience with the TakeOver 345 kit and wireless sensors though. I can do the wiring pretty easily. Can you point me in the right direction for finding the sensors? I know that there are some that don’t play well with the GC3.

Thanks again

The regular 2GIG DW10 has a wired sensor input. You can use it with a magnet or wire it to a wired sensor, or wall switch.