Contacting Monitoring Center And Other Picture Postcards

A couple questions as I’m getting things set up. I noticed in the guide when it mentions the first alarm test that if you’re in test mode, you’ll have to call the monitoring center to verify signal received, and if not they’ll call the contact number.

So question 1, is there any way to tell from an online status somewhere if you’re in test or live mode, and question 2, what is the contact info for the monitoring center and what info do we give them (account number, name, airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow)?

One more question occurred while typing. How do we update the contact info in case of new number, change of audible password, or new contact user?

Great questions. As of now, the answer to your first question is no. Generally, DIY accounts are set up on test for about a week (the exact day your account is going off test should be in your welcome email) to give you time for the package to arrive and get set up. You’re welcome to extend or reduce the test mode length as needed. If you want to do work on your system after the install is complete, you’re always welcome to call in to the central station and put it on test again. Stay tuned though, as this is something we plan to make available online down the road.

You’ll need to give them your central station account number (located in your welcome email) and you’ll need your password. (Passwords as submitted can be viewed by clicking on the link in your service order emailed receipt if you’re not sure what you put. Remember to log into to be able to access that link.) The phone number you’ll want to call is 855-348-0367.

We eventually plan to give you the ability to make change to your central station account contact list online as well. For now, for the fastest response, email or during business hours Live Chat us via the website to make adjustments to your central station contact information. (You’ll need your administrative password, which is also on your submitted survey link, to make these changes.)