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Hello all,

I have a 2GIG GC2 system, installed about 4.5+ years ago. Currently monitored by Monitronics via a VZW 3G communicator modem. Understand I will need to replace the communicator modem (and will replace with a LTE/4G on VZW). Pretty common config, 4 doors, some break glass sensors, motions and video (1).

Here is the $64K question. I live in southern Nevada (Las Vegas area) and we are (Clark County) a “Verified Alarm” area. This means that the police treat an alarm event as unverified and will most likely not dispatch unless the alarm is “verified”. So, many of the services local here for monitoring include 3rd party gaurd dispatch services. Does your service have options to add this to the plan (didn’t see it in your list of add-on options)? If so, how does that work – added monthly cost or per-dispatch cost?


suretyDIY does not contract guard services at this time. Should your local authorities require guard verification for monitored alarm signals, you are able to choose a local guard service with a 24 hour contact line which our operators can contact in the event of an alarm. Arrangements with and payment for a 3rd party guard service would be performed by the end user.

Alternatively you can opt for self-monitoring via rules and automation and control response yourself.

Thanks for the reply. Are you implying you might in the near future? My experience so far in Vegas with talking to guard services (TSI (Las Vegas local firm), Vet-Sec ,and Securitas – who provide 3rd party services for Link Interactive, Alarm Grid, and Live Watch respectively, and a couple of others), they say they do not offer the service to a home owner that already has UL monitoring, wanting the UL monitor company to contact the 3rd party guard service dispatch center in the event of a home alarm system alarm and to dispatch. Not sure how many other “Verified Alarm” communities there are in the U.S., but appears to be an opportunity for your team to review options.

2 of the 3 listed above offer a “per drink” model if dispatched (which I like), and the last one adds $ per month for the service. I like the “per drink” model as I have only needed a dispatch twice in 4.5 years.

Are you implying you might in the near future?

It certainly may be an option in the future, but no, I am not implying any time-frame and could not say whether or not this would happen or any sort of ETA currently.