Concord 4 service


I am looking at surety DIY for new service and have a question.

-My concord 4 system isn’t monitored and does not have a cellular module. According to the website, Verizon coverage is best at my home location. I just want to inquire the part numbers needed to get Surety DIY service up and running.

Thanks for your time,


Happy to help! The part number you would be looking for if you go with Verizon is 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ.

This module contains the cellular communicator, sim, antenna, as well as a Z-wave radio. Assuming the current system is functioning only the module would be needed.

You can find a comparison of our service plans here.

Thanks for the reply, I have installed everything and now I keep having an error: panel phone line error, even after multiple phone comms test without resolve? Any suggestions appreciated

That error message would be due to the panel having prior account/Central Station phone numbers programmed in.

You would need to remove those in programming. See the installation manual here.

Check in System Configuration under Phones. Make sure that CS Phone numbers are removed.