Communication Module Not Working

I thought it would be a quick setup but I haven’t found the time get it working. The cell card is not being recognized for me to run the test, I called the manufacturer and they said the cell card is probably bad. Is there anything that can be done to try and get this working properly.

It’s very rare that a cell card is defective so I’d like to go through a couple troubleshooting steps.

  1. When you say that it is not recognized, what do you mean? Is the issue that the the Radio Status button isn’t there or is it there, but the cell phone test just fails repeatedly?

  2. If the button is not there, have you updated the firmware on your panel to at least version 1.9.5 for Verizon or 1.9.6 for AT&T? The newer 3G communication modules will not be seen by the panel below that.

  3. If the cell phone test keeps failing, what is the signal strength for the module. You should be able to see the signal strength of the module under radio status. Keep in mind that it is recommended the signal strength be at least 12 without 2-Way Voice and at least 22 with 2-Way voice.

If you can’t get a good signal from the communication module, check to make sure that the antenna is firmly plugged in. If so, try moving your panel to another area of your home closer to an exterior wall. It’s possible that something is disrupting the signal to your panel.

It also may be worth check our Coverage Checker to see if the communication module you have gets good service at your address.

The Radio status button is missing, I will look at the firmware version when i get home. Could you provide a link to download the newest firmware version? Thanks

This video should walk you through all of the steps necessary to update the firmware on your panel. Keep in mind that you will need an update cable to upgrade the firmware if you don’t have one already.