Combining Wireless Zones

Is there any way we can tie multiple sensors together into one zone and still keep them wireless.

For example, I have a room with 12 sliding windows, can I tie all window sensors in that room to one zone wirelessly?

Unfortunately, you cannot combine all the wireless sensors into one zone.

That being said, there are some ways reduce the number of sensors you need.

1.) If you’re thinking of adding multiple smoke detectors, they can be replaced with one ECFF345 FireFighter sensor to work with the existing wired smoke alarms in your house.
2.) A room like the one you’re describing with 12 windows could be covered with 1 or 2 motion detectors rather than a sensor on every window.
3.) You could use a combination of 2GIG-DW10-345 wireless and wired security sensors. The 2GIG-DW10-345 has a wired output that could get wired in series with some security sensors effectively turning them into wireless sensors. However, that could look pretty ugly and I definitely wouldn’t install that way in a room that people are going to be seen. It may be OK for basement widows though.

The only reason I can think of to want to combine wireless sensors is because you’ve hit the maximum sensor limit like Jay covered above. In one of the next 2GIG firmware releases they are planning to increase the maximum wireless sensor limit way above 48 anyway so updating your firmware at that time would solve your problem.

Any idea on an ETA for that firmware release? Thanks guys, this forum question helped me out :slight_smile:

I made an inquiry into this today and it looks like at this point it could be as many as 3 firmware versions from now and as late as the end of this year. I realize that’s bad news for you. Sorry, it’s all up in the air until they actually release it. Since I assume you don’t want to wait that long, Jay’s suggestions are really all you can do.