Cloud Clips versus SVR

Right now I have Video Level 1 (Up to 4 Cameras, 1000 Cloud Clips) for $5 a month.
I also have an SVR Unit that I am currently not using. I see the Streaming Video Recorder (per SVR) is $5 per month. If I upgrade to the the SVR for $5 per month can I cancel the Cloud Clips for $5 a month? What does the SVR for $5 a month offer? I had them both during the Beta… Would I lose any SVR functions without the cloud clips?
Thanks for any help.

Basic level video service comes with a certain amount of clips, with additional clips being available to add on. Use of the SVR is also considered by ADC to be an add on to video service, so if you removed video service you would not be able to use the SVR service either.

Thanks Amanda. I am not really a fan of Cloud Clips or the SVR… For now I will stick with the cloud clips… It is not worth another $5 a month to add the SVR…

Should how ADC structures the SVR change, we will be sure to share that on the forum.