Cloud Based Video Storage?

I know ADC has cloud based video storage, but I I think I need something more robust. Need to store more than still images and the video from 6 cameras. I am also not using ADC branded cameras.

IF ADC does not provide this:

I need cloud based video storage that would work with a 6 camera DVR so that the video on the hard drive is also stored remotely in the cloud. The DVR feeds to the internet not the individual cameras.

Does anyone provide such a service?

ADC will not provide any kind of support for non-ADC cameras, including online or local storage UNLESS you use something like the ADC-VS420 4 channel video server, or 1 channel ADC-VS121 (which to my understanding, has both digital and analog input triggers). Do not expect HD res though. (high is 704x480 with H.264, MPEG-4 compression )

As for others, then yes, but there aren’t many, and It depends what type/brand/model of cameras you have.

see: Offsite cloud based storage

Yes, if you are looking for cloud storage of video directly off of a DVR it will depend on the equipment. Most cloud services will either require specific cameras or a specific DVR or recording program if IP.

Also, keep in mind that many cloud video services will have many levels of quality and storage, and the base advertised level is commonly pretty simplified and small. Cloud Video storage can get pricey very quick if you intend to keep 24/7 video.

Some services will price it based on a number of variables, so you might try one that has pricing based on, among other variables, frames per second.