Clearing out a malfunction

Need some help with clearing a malfunction with my back door. Had an issue that created a bypass issue, but have a new sensor and the system works fine. Just still have the malfunction notification when I go to alarm the house. Would like to figure out how to clear it so we don’t have to “bypass” it every time we set the alarm.

It looks like you’ve added the replacement sensor as a new sensor/zone (9) and left the old sensor information programmed in the old zone (2). The 2GIG panel is complaining that it’s not receiving status updates from the old sensor in zone 2 so you’ll need to delete that sensor in System Configuration. Change it’s type to “Not Used”.

Thanks for this. Makes sense…need some help identifying where the System Configuration link is so I can delete that sensor.

It’s where you would have gone to add the new sensor. Press the logo in the bottom-right, enter your installer code and then there will be a system configuration button.

Unfortunately I haven’t installed any of the sensors. You guys have always programmed the sensors for our system. I’m more than happy to handle, just need to know how to do that. Thanks.

Oh, my mistake.

  1. Touch the logo in the bottom right corner of the touch screen.
  2. Enter your installer code.
  3. System configuration.
  4. Scroll right to the sensor to be deleted.
  5. Down.
  6. Left until it gets to (0) unused.
  7. Next.
  8. Skip.
  9. End.
  10. Exit. (leave the saved changes box checked)

Thanks. Issue is I don’t have my installer code…can I call and get it?