Cellular Connectivity Suddenly Down

This morning my panel reported a failure with the cellular connectivity. Things still are working over the GoBridge, but on the cellular status screen my signal is suddenly showing 13/31 when normally it’s around 21. I moved the antenna with no change in signal strength and then REMOVED the antenna with the panel STILL showing 13/31. A cell phone test fails with it being unable to obtain network registration.

The Radio Status screen shows:

Signal Strength: 13/31
Serial: Shows correctly
Subscriber ID: blank
Reg status: unknown
Connection status: idle
Power status: off
Sim status: not locked (this is the cdma version)
radio freq: auto
error: not registered


Well then, never mind. I pulled the battery and power and just rebooted the darned thing and it’s working perfectly now. Just like cell phones of old, when in doubt, pull the battery!

This looks like the connection may have switched towers. The signal strength will take a little while to report a new value, does it still show 13?

I would recommend removing power, unplug AC then battery, reconnect antenna, allow 2 minutes, then power back up, battery first, then AC.

Does it return to the expected performance?

EDIT: looks like I got here a minute late :slight_smile: Glad that resolved it.