Cell Radio fails to acquire network after sled swap

I am upgrading from 3g to lte. I have used the swap function and ran a radio test. The test fails because the radio can no acquire a network connection. I have powered of the system and really don’t know what I am doing wrong. If I put the 3g sled back in all works fine.

What type panel is this

If alarm itself mite need updatted

It is the 2GIG GC3. It is running firmware v 3.2.5.

I appreciate any help you can give me.

I know the new cellular communicator has need a certin type of firmware to allow the communicator to work but I’m not sure what that is

It looks like you still have your old Cell module associated with your Alarm.com account. Physically swapping the module in the panel is half of the process.

To register the new module so it can start communicating with Alarm.com, visit the Surety System Manager and select the Swap Cell Module/Panel option to enter your new IMEI and follow the instructions there regarding a cell test to complete the swap!

Thank you.