Cell Phone Test Fail

Power outage. I know have a cell phone test fail on my system. I understand this is a diy system but I need to understand why all of a sudden this is happening. Could it be Verizon’s issue. Can I just swap out the sim for the service.

Happy to help out!

No, you should not switch out the SIM card.

So you are currently experiencing a power outage at the location?

When entering the installer toolbox, is your radio status button red?

If you enter the Radio status screen, does it show “Power Status” as off?

If you enter system configuration and exit saving changes, the panel should reboot. Does this resolve the issue and allow a successful cell test at the panel?

I get a POTS disabled when attempting.

That would show if trying to use “telephone test” you should instead select Cell Phone Test. Do you not see this option in the toolbox?

No I do not see this option. I can not get into the installer toolbox either

If you do not see an option for Cell Phone Test above the Telephone Test option, that means the panel does not recognize that a module is installed.

You can try power cycling the panel. Unplug the power supply, then open the panel and unplug the battery. With the panel opened and powered down, ensure the module is not loose. Make sure the two set screws are in place holding the module to the board.

When ready, plug in the battery, then plug in the power supply. Does this resolve the issue?


That did the trick. Thanks