Cell phone SMS notifications

Cricket Wireless. We recently switched to Cricket Wireless a few months ago. We are unable to receive SMS notifications from our system. We previously had Vivint and had the same issue with alarm.com. I tried both Cricket Communications and AT&T as the provider with no luck. I know this has been asked before and was just wondering if a solution has been found. Thanks.

Cricket Communications should be the correct setting.

It looks like you have one contact phone set up as AT&T, and one set up as Cricket Communications.

The one for Cricket Communications is not set up to receive the same notifications as the other. In fact, it looks like only Alarm notifications.

A good way to test would be to set up a sensor activity notification which sends a text notification to both phones. Do either get the notification?

I switched the one number to AT&T because cricket communications didn’t work. I was testing to see if AT&T might work. SMS hasn’t worked since switching to Cricket regardless of which provider I select.

Ah, I do see where you switched the provider in between two notifications.

Well I spoke with ADC and this is indeed known and on Cricket’s plate as I was told. Cricket is making changes to allow their users to receive texts. Alarm.com stated the expected time frame for resolution was late October/Early November, so a few weeks.

Ok. Thanks for the update.

Found a workaround for now. I added the e-mail address 1XXXXXXXXXX@mms.cricketwireless.net (XXXXXXXXXX = cell number) to my alert notification and now I receive texts.