Cell Module Activation Not working

I bought a Surety Qolsys panel and setup an account though the System Manager. I’m able to log into alarm.com However, when I go to setup the panel the cell activation keeps failing with: Cellular Radio Cannot Be Activated Until you Have Created an Account

How do I get past this error since I do have an account setup

I can confirm that your Alarm.com account was created successfully.

Alarm.com is currently experiencing an error that may effect new activations of Verizon modules. Once it has been resolved, you should be able to run the cell test successfully and get connected.

You can follow the post below, we will update it once we received word from ADC that the issue is resolved.

This is reported as resolved at this time. Are you able to run a successful cell test ?

After a reboot, the cell activation and test worked.

I’m all setup. Thanks

Glad to hear it! pings to the module are successful, let us know if you have any questions.