CDMA radio module not detected

I am a new DIY customer. I bought a GCCDMV-A radio online and I’m not seeing the Radio Status button that everything is telling me I should have. Also, I only have Run Telephone Test, not Run Cell Test. My unit came with 1.10.1 firmware. I’ve unplugged the power supply, unplugged the battery, removed and reinstalled the cell module and no luck.

Am I supposed to enable some kind of menu option? Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you are not seeing the cell test option, a couple things may be wrong.

The panel firmware may not support the module. 1.10.1 however will support it, so if that is your actual firmware this isn’t the case.

The cell module connection on the panel is damaged. Check this physically.

The cell module is defective. Rare, but it does happen.

The panel is defective, although I don’t think I have ever seen this be the case regarding the cell modules.

Did you get the panel and module from the same vendor?

The panel is defective, although I don't think I have ever seen this be the case regarding the cell modules.

I have. That’s why I had to replace my last panel.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m definitely on 1.10.1 per the version screen and sticker on the board inside.

I checked to make sure no pins were damaged/bent on the module… not sure about the connection on the panel. The antenna also appears to be seated properly. I called 2GIG and they asked me to reinstall it. Same result. I asked them whether the two curly contacts beneath the antenna should be touching the panel’s board–they didn’t know what I was talking about. Mine do not touch.

I got both the panel and module from Amazon.

If there isn’t anything software related that I need to do, I’m going to assume it is the cell module and get a replacement. That’s what 2GIG suggested.

Any off chance that a factory reset ever helps with anything like this? I only have 7-8 sensors so it wouldn’t be a big deal to set them back up.

Wouldn’t hurt to try a reset. From experience this issue is either firmware mismatch or hardware malfunction.

The easiest test for hardware would be a new module, yes.

Great, so with all the screwing/unscrewing of the module, the screw holding the module screw pads in place loosened up and got lost under the panel board. I was able to maneuver it out but I have no clue how to gracefully get this apart to screw it back in.

Which part are you referring to about taking it apart? The panel board?

I was removing the panel board. The screws that attach the module pads/risers to the panel board are on the opposite side of the board–facing the front of the panel. The screws that hold the panel board in place are blocked off by the panel’s plastic shell. I could sort of pry the edges of the shell apart, but the corners weren’t budging.

I just decided to leave it as-is with the metal riser just floating on the board. I requested a replacement of the panel and the module and should have both in a few days.

I’m just not having a very good week with tech… and sadly I work in IT. I briefly felt accomplished after installing my recessed door sensors. And then I finally got my SuretyCAM account info only to find that I cannot use it yet. Doh!

Did you even verify the cell module is unregistered?

Those little screws can be extremely annoying if you’re not used to them. It helps to have a good magnetic screwdriver. Be careful if there’s a metal piece loose behind the board. If you power-on and that screw falls in the wrong place it can short out the circuit board.

@rive - Not before I registered with Surety, but they didn’t seem to have a problem setting up my account. I’d think something would have raised a flag if it couldn’t be registered.

Well, I got my new panel installed–definitely not the issue. I notice a few differences from my old panel (e.g., the large side flap to accommodate the newer antennas) which is great. I should have my new cell module this evening.

When I give support my new ADC#, how long does it take to get things updated?

Be sure to email with the new module number and it should be a quick process to swap the module.

Thanks @Amanda, I just sent the email now that my new module is installed and testing successfully.