Carbon monoxide detector question

Hi, I am finally going to be ordering my system! Last question regarding CO detectors.

I think I may place one downstairs (not sure if this is necessary since there are no bedrooms down there) - but if so, I would put it near the kitchen - not too close, but most of the gas for the house is in that general area (cooktop in kitchen and furnace just outside that wall). Would you recommend one in that area?

More importantly, I know I need to put one outside the sleeping areas upstairs - the hallway is somewhere between 20-30 feet long, with 3 rooms at one end and 2 rooms at the other. Do I need 2 CO detectors upstairs (one at each end of the hallway) or is one in the middle of the hallway sufficient?

Thank you!


If it were my house, I’d put one downstairs just in case the pilot light went out and someone left the gas on for the stove.

As far as your bedrooms go, I would go with whatever you’re comfortable with. My parents have a very similar setup to yours and when I installed the system for them, I put one at each end of the hallway by the bedrooms just to be on the safe side.

Hi Jay, Thank you - that makes sense. So I will put one near the kitchen and one at each end of the hallway. Thank you for the help!