Carbon Monoxide Detector Question

I finally got around to installing a 2gig CO detector. Should the sirens on the panel or external sirens be triggered when pushing the test button? How about in the event it really detects CO Monoxide, will the panel and external speakers sound an alarm? Same question with fire alarm.

Yes, your panel will trigger a siren. Life safety devices will require activation through multiple sounder cadences. 5-10 seconds of activation will trigger the alarm signal.

Same question with fire alarm.

The TEST button IS NOT the proper way to test a smoke detector, (I cannot speak for the CO test though).

Using the test button will not tell you if the smoke det is actually functional, then have been many reported cases of detectors failing, but appearing operational with push button test. The test button is just to verify the detector is communicating with panel, or that sounder is operational, it is not a functional device test.

You are taking a big chance with the life of your loved ones by having smoke detectors and not testing them properly (using the “test” button only). Most home fires are smoldering (home fills quickly with dense smoke), and many die in their sleep because they are overcome with smoke inhalation, it isn’t the fire that kills them. Your time to successfully escape a home fire is very short, and every second counts.

Test your smokes properly using an aerosol designed for it. The cans run less than $10

Properly test smoke alarm/detector: