Can't clear panel tamper

My GC2 has a panel tamper I can’t seem to clear. If I push the little button on the logic board located to left of screw, it clears tamper and thinks its wall mounted. The plastic tab on the wall mount frame that pushes the button is intact.

Any tips?

I’ve player with antenna and power cable to make sure not interfering with panel. Panel snaps onto mount easily

Looks like this is related to a special case on an account which requested a module swap and is not yet signaling with a new module, correct?

Are you saying that the panel locally still shows tamper when closed up? Or are you referring to the tamper alert in

Note that any current trouble condition in would not (cannot) clear until the panel has successfully communicated again with a new module.

I found the answer in another thread:

There was a blue rubber boot that had fallen off the tamper switch. I found it inside the panel - works now!

Aha, yes. Good catch! Let us know if you have any other questions.