Cannot manage lock codes/access through 2GIG panel or ADC

I have a Schlage BE469 installed. Rules and locking/unlocking the device appear to work fine. However, I cannot seem to manage lock access/users on the 2GIG panel or

When I try to enable lock access for a user on, it says (Pending) and eventually fails after 20 or so minutes. When I enrolled the lock on Z-Wave, a message on the 2GIG panel said to go to Door Locks > my lock > Codes on my 2GIG, but I don’t see “Codes.” My only option is Unlock/Lock with a big blank to the right of that where I assume “Codes” would be.

I’ve started over and removed my lock from Z-wave, factory reset, added back to Z-wave–and nothing else. Am I supposed to do something on the lock before it will allow managing lock access through Z-Wave?

Well for testing purposes if you wanted to try adding codes from 2Gig I believe you would need to change Q79 to (2) to disable remote commands and enable local 2Gig full control.

In order to avoid overwrites and mistakes, the programming only allows one or the other control method at one time.

If you cannot add codes locally from 2Gig, the issue is likely related either to signal to the lock, or to the lock’s inclusion into the network.

How far is the lock from your control panel? Do you have any other Zwave devices on your network? Are any AC-powered Zwave devices located roughly in between the lock and the panel?

I changed Q79 to (2) and I do get the Codes option at the bottom.

And that’s good because this URL does give an indication that this feature should work with 2GIG:

Does this mean it is some kind of ADC issue?

When did you purchase the BE469? This model needs to have been manufactured after 4/21/2014 for full compatibility.

Are you able to actually add a code through the 2Gig panel? Can you verify this works?

I purchased this a few days ago on Amazon, but I’m not sure of the actual manufacture date.

While I was rebooting the panel when going back to (2) on Q79 I tried my master code that I’ve been trying to send from ADC to the lock. It actually worked.
The other 2 codes/users did not because lock access was disabled on ADC.
I went back to the panel and manually enabled a code for a user on the panel: worked.
Eventually my master user code stopped working… assuming a delay.
I set Q79 back to (3). The code that worked stopped working after a bit.
I enabled lock access for my secondary users. They started working after a few mins but ADC still says (Pending).
My master user still does not work.

I’m going to try toggling the options on ADC to see if it eventually reaches the lock.

Seems to work now… not perfect, but it works.

  1. Lock access continues to say (Pending)
  2. There is ~3 minute delay.
  3. There is a window in which changes to one code might make other codes stop working for a minute or so. I’m guessing that when you change something, all codes are removed and then added back. The impact is unpredictable especially since there is already a delay on top of that.