Can I pair ADC-SWM150 with any water sensor (Honeywell 5800FLOOD) for automation?

I’m looking to purchase the ADC-SWM150 and have it installed at my waterline nearby my water heater. I’m also looking to purchase water sensors to enhance detection. I’m particularly looking at the Honeywell 5800Flood unit but would like some confirmation on these two units and that they can be paired to perform automation. I understand that SWM150 can detect leaks and water flow from pipes, but if that fails the Honeywell sensors will be my fallback. For example, if the Honeywell detects water leak/flooded, will it trigger the SWM150 unit to shut off my water valve?

I have the IQ Panel 2 that’s both 345 and 915 MHz compatible.

For what you have described here, yes those two devices would work, however just a quick clarification, the SWM150 and the Honeywell flood aren’t paired together, they do not directly communicate. You would create an automation rule in that your panel processes where if an alarm occurs on the flood sensor, close the valve.

Thanks Jason. I think that’s what I meant is that “pairing” – for these two devices to coordinate to create automation rules.