Camera Warning Sound?

I see that they’ve introduced the functionality to manually play a warning siren on the ADC-V724s from the desktop website (and maybe the other two-way voice cameras as well – I only have the 724s and so I couldn’t test). It’s actually surprisingly loud (it felt like twice the volume of the perimeter guard) and plays for up to 30 seconds or until cancelled.

Does anyone know of plans to make that functionality accessible through the app anytime soon? I feel like by the time I was logged into the website and then navigated to the cameras page after first getting a push notification on my phone, it wouldn’t be very useful haha!

Currently there are no known plans to make that feature available through the mobile, although I agree it doesn’t make much sense for it not to be available through the app.

I have put in a feature request with While that does not mean it will be implemented, a fair number of features do get added based on feedback.

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