Camera vs. Image Sensor

I was thinking of adding cameras to our system, but then I heard about 2GIG’s new image sensors. Anyone have any experience with them yet? Not sure which I should go with.

I think the image sensor is fantastic! It’s a great, low cost way to get visual verification without the cost and hassle of live video. Just don’t mistreat it as a substitute for live HD video, it’s just a few low resolution snapshots… but that should be enough to determine whether you have a false alarm or a real one. Our Gold package includes the image sensor at no extra charge.

(Sorry to resurrect an old topic) Amanda, you mentioned how the image sensor can provide visual verification. Does it only work this way if you are using it as a normal motion sensor? I don’t use motion sensors (cats) but could I have image sensors that give me snap shots, but do not trigger the alarm?

Yes, at any time you can use the image sensor to “peek in” and get a quick snap shot. This doesn’t trigger the alarm. There are a couple of ways you can do the peek in. It can either be an immediate picture, or can take one after the next time it detects motion. Even if your system isn’t armed as Away, the motion detector will still be detecting motion.

You’d need to set the image sensor to “non-response” so that it will not be triggered by the cats. Then you can “peek-in” as needed.