Camera Object Detection Notification Delay

Did something recently change regarding push notifications for camera object detection? Until a day or two ago, the notifications were pretty much instantaneous. Now, they are delayed by about 30 seconds or more. The notification also now links directly to the uploaded clip… so it almost seems like it’s waiting until after the normal clip length before firing off the notification?

Is there a setting to go back to the instantaneous notification? Thanks!

This will depend on the settings you choose for your notification.

Video Analytics text only notifications send a notification at the time of detection. When you open the notification, it sends you to the live video page because the clip has not yet been recorded.

If you select to attach the video clip in the notification, then it will necessarily be sent after the recording is completed.

If this is happening on a notification that is not set up to include the video clip, try deleting and recreating that rule. Any change?

Thanks Jason. The preview type on the push notifications were all set to “Thumbnail” and previously it would do an immediate notification with just the one initial frame (which would be visible on my apple watch for example). I changed the preview type to “text” and they are back to immediate, but without the image. Text will be fine, as the thumbnail wasn’t terribly useful/visible anyways.

As far as I know that shouldn’t have changed, and the thumbnail one should also fire immediately, but they may have made an update without changing the documentation yet. I’ll double check, but if text only works for you that would be a good work around.

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