Camera connect delay

I have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 plus with SVR122 and 2 cameras.
The first camera is a ADC-V723
The second is a ADC-V522IR
With a monitor connected to the SVR122 and it set up to cycle through full screen of the 2 cameras the 723 loads in less then a second and the 522 takes 6 or more seconds.
The 723 is on wifi. I’ve had the 522 on both wifi and Ethernet. The Ethernet seams to be a little bit faster. Both cameras are about the same distance from the access point which is maybe 20 feet. All just below ceiling level on the same floor.
I’ve trying the various settings in live video on all settings with no noticeable change.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Visit the Video page in and navigate to the Video Device Info page for that camera. Select Live Video.

It looks like all of the options you have selected to optimize for quality. Can you try enabling the “Speed up Remote Connection” option?

Also try optimizing for bandwidth for the other two options. Wait about 10 minutes, then retry. It is important to allow this time before testing to make sure the settings take effect.

When you retry after 10 minutes with the settings selected to speed up the video, do you still not notice any change?

If not, power cycle that camera, wait a few minutes for it to boot up, then try again.

Thanks for the quick response.
I had already tried all the various combination but will try again.

I don’t think I emphasized the right part at first. It is important to allow about 10 minutes after making those changes to make sure that the changes take effect. Requested changes may be queued and not get applied immediately, so if you were testing quickly after the changes it’s likely the settings hadn’t taken effect.

I would next try power cycling the camera to see if there is any difference.

Yes I waited over 10 minutes. I’ve power cycled the camera at least 4 minutes ago and nothing has changed.

Is it just when viewing the feed on the SVR? When you access the feed in the app, do you notice a delay with the 522?

It’s on the SVR122, and the app on android. The delay on is actually a little longer on both cameras.

The delay on is actually a little longer on both cameras

I would expect that. Streaming from ADC would normally have a short delay in connecting, more than I would expect from the SVR. The SVR is locally connecting to the Cams on your LAN.

Can you describe your network a bit, what is the model of router you are using?

One thing I would try to isolate since it affects streaming is the two way audio capability of the camera. Can you try turning off the Camera Microphone and Speaker? This is a checkbox found under Video Device Info.

Wait 10 minutes again, then try some testing.

Google fiber - Not using there router
Ubiquiti - EdgeportX - Router
TPLink - 16 Port Gigabit Switch
Ubiquiti - Ubiquiti ap-ac - Set with 2 separate vlans
1 2.4 and 5 band width. All devices with the following exceptions.
2 2.4 only 722 camera and a printer

522 direct connect to switch.

I’ve already tried the microphone and speaker option with no change.

Thank you. It is likely a result of something on the LAN, but we are going to do some testing here with different models vs the 522IR to see if we notice any pattern.

So with a good amount of testing we’re not seeing any discernible difference between 522IR and other models, but depending on the network there were overall initial connection times of between 1-10 seconds.

I’m seeing slightly shorter times in general on my own network (1-3 seconds) but I have no SVR connected.

3-5 seconds were pretty normal with an SVR.