Bypassed sensors

My alarm sensors stopped monitoring on Thursday early morning. I received 12 alerts that every sensor was bypassed. It was beeping every few minutes so I unplugged the central monitoring device. I called the central station and the rep advised I chat with tech support

When all sensors malfunction in a short period of time like that it may be a problem with the 345 MHz receiver that receives wireless signals from the sensors. It could also be a software glitch in the 2GIG firmware in which case resetting the control panel might resolve it.

Either way you’re going to need to power the control panel back up in order troubleshoot it. Please try:

  1. Power the control panel back up. Let the system run for a while and see whether the panel reports the sensors as malfunctioning again. If this resolves the issue then it was probably a software glitch.

  2. If panel does report the sensors as malfunctioning again then power the panel down again, remove the 345 MHz receiver and then put it back in. Power the panel back up and see if re-seating the receiver resolved the problem. Here is a video showing how to replace the receiver. Re-seating the receiver would be the same steps except you would just put the existing receiver back in. Don’t forget to unplug that battery as shown in the video before you remove the receiver.

  1. If the panel still reports that the sensors are in malfunction then we’ll probably need to replace the 345 MHz receiver with a new one.

There is one more possibility that’s rare but possible. If a new wireless device that operates in the 345 MHz range was installed in the house then it could be interfering with the wireless signals from the sensors to the control panel.