Bypass Question

Hello - I am trying to figure out if I can crest a scene whereby the system arms with certain items bypassed. The use case here is that i would like to bypass the motion sensors for the Arm Stay for the Sleep scene but then also have an Away scene where the motion sensors are not bypassed. My current understanding is that the bypass mode is always on or always off and applies to all scenes and arming states, which is what I am looking to change.


Arm “Stay” vs Arm “Away” already naturally does what you are referring to. “Bypass” is a separate function and not needed.

If a motion detector is programmed appropriately, “Stay” does not arm motion detectors. “Away” does.

You cannot bypass sensors with a scene.

If you would like to verify the appropriate programming, what panel do you use?

Thanks for the follow-up here… Can you help me understand how to check whether or not the motion detector is programmed appropriately?

Of course, from above, what panel are you currently using? Programming steps are determined by the model of control panel.

2gig gc3

Programming for the commonly used sensors can be found here.

The sensor type determines how the panel registers activity from the detector. Interior Follower is what you want for a motion detector. To enter programming: System Settings - Installer Code - Installer Toolbox - System Configuration - Wireless Zones.

2GIG-PIR1-345 Motion Detector

Sensor Type: 04 – Interior Follower
Equipment Type: Motion
Equipment Code: (0869) 2GIG PIR Motion Detector
Serial Number: Learn – Trip Sensor or Tamper Sensor
Equipment Age: New
Sensor Loop: 1
Transmission Delay: Disabled
Voice Descriptor: As Desired
Sensor Reports: Enabled
Sensor Supervised: Enabled
Sensor Chime: Disabled

many thanks