Buy Qolsys or 2GIG?

I’ve been researching doing some home automation / security myself. I was all ready to purchase a 2GIG system and then saw that suretyDIY now has Qolsys IQ Panels for sale too. I hadn’t heard of them before, but the video showing it off looks pretty cool. Not sure if it just great marketing making it look advanced or if the features it showed are really unique to this new system? 2GIG is less expensive, but without really understanding what is possible with Qolsys that isn’t with the Go!Control 2GIG panel (if anything?), I’m not sure how to value each system. Also, if the GC3 is about to come out, am I better off going with 2GIG and upgrading later? Is that even happening? I heard it was coming out soon last year, but can’t find it anywhere.

Any comparison opinions would be helpful. I have no idea which I want to go with now.

I havent even held one yet, but I am really being drawn to the quolsys panel. for one the screen looks a lot bigger. I wouldn’t care except I noticed on my 2Gig Go panel that I miss hit a button now and again when I try to disarm fast because the buttons are small. I dont really know that the Qolsys panel will have bigger buttons, but I assume so.
I really like the wifi aspect, cause if I am right, zwave commands can go through the internet and be a bit quicker that way, yes? I know the benefits of alarm stuff being cellular, but if zwave is faster and I could unlock the door or turn off the lamp with my phone as quick as I could manually doing either, I may never need to get off the couch. (this may be good or bad.) Honestly my favorite part is not having to use the update cable like 2gig. That’s such a small issue but it is frustrating, and if what I read is correct (i think I read it here) that Qolsys panels automatically update over your internet then I will be one happy guy.

I just installed the Qolsys yesterday, so I can’t do a thorough evaluation yet, but I’m quite pleased out of the gate. It does indeed update itself automatically over internet; they had just released an update while mine was shipping and I was able to get it updated with a couple taps. Pairing with Interlogix sensors was a snap (ordered 3 recessed door sensors as Suretydiy isn’t carrying those yet). The interface is very easy to navigate and looks pretty schnazzy. And in my case at least, really like the photo frame feature. I haven’t decided if I want to mount it on a wall or which wall if I do, so for now it’s sitting on my piano. I set the timeout for 5 minutes, so it just looks like a nice digital frame sitting up there with several other pictures. Going to load some of our vacation pics today.

I have to admit I’m a trifle nervous being an early adopter on something like a security system, but part of my thinking is that even if something was wrong, Qolsys could address is quickly with a patch.

If it helps ease the nervousness, the Qolsys panel has been in production since last November, almost a year ago. We held off offering it to give them a chance to work out the kinks. There were a definitely some noticeable issues at first but they seem to be worked out and it’s pretty solid now. They also spent several years developing and perfecting the panel while learning from the market before that so it’s certainly not a half baked product. I’m pretty excited about it.

You and me both. I knew it had been out for a while, but I still wasn’t seeing very many people carry it, and certainly not in a self service format (hooray for Surety!). Still feels like being an early adopter in that sense.

And definitely loving it out of the gate.