Burned up transformer

I replaced my 16.5 volt transformer because it wasn’t putting out any current. When I wired it in it burned up another transformer (picture attached-may have already been burned).

I checked the current on my new transformer and it is putting out 18.8 volts.

Obviously, the burned up transformer needs to be replaced. Can I get that from the surety site?

Is the other transformer ok?

Is the other transformer ok?

There are 3 transformers being referenced here, just to be clear are you referring to the new plug in transformer? It is likely ok.

I cannot identify the transformer board model there in the image off the top of my head, Do you know the model number or are there any stickers on the back?

Looks like it is probably used as a battery circuit and AC to 12VDC transformer for the TAKE-345. Is that correct? If it was damaged it needs replaced.

The HPL624 would be a suitable replacement if that is the case. We do not stock those items, but they are available online from a variety of electronics retailers.

No stickers on it. I will include two better photos.

I will look for a HPL624 in the meantime. Called two places and neither had it in stock, I do see it on eBay.

I guess I could replace all of my wired sensors with wireless sensors as well correct?

Yes, that looks like it is likely powering the TAKE-345. Can you confirm that the TAKE is connected to the DC output?

You could also look for an Altronix AL624.


Replacing the wired sensors with wireless is an option, but a replacement power supply like the AL624 is much less expensive.

Replaced the 624 thing (rectifier?) and the system is working great! Thanks for your help.

Great news, thank you for confirming!