Best glassbreak for 2gig for a house with cats?

What is considered the ‘best’ or most recommended for the 2gig system in a house with cats? I’ve seen the honeywells, the 2gig, and then some other 3rd party compatible units. Is the cost difference between the 2gig and the honeywell worth it for the extended range or are there more false alarms?

We’ve seen more false alarms with 2GIG’s glass breaks than the Honeywell’s 5853 glass breaks. The 5853 has a sensitivity setting that can be adjusted for your environment. The 2GIG glass breaks and always at the same sensitivity, and it’s pretty sensitive. Several times we’ve had customers using 2GIG glass breaks and dogs who were experiencing false alarms. We swapped them out with 5853’s and the problem went away. Our theory is that the dogs were jumping against a window (thud) and barking (shatter) at the same time which was tripping the 2GIG glass breaks. Using 5853’s and turning down the sensitivity solved the problem, while they still passed our tests with a glass break sound generator.

That being said, we use 2GIG glass breaks more often but if we have problems with them then we switch to Honeywell’s.