Best Air Conditioner to Pair with Smart Thermostate


We have an ADC-T3000 already taking care of our heating in our new home. We’re looking into ACs for the summer and I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for ones that can be controlled through the thermostat over z-wave, etc.


We do not have any specific recommended models or brands of AC. As long as it is a standard 24VAC control system you should be good with the T3000.

The HVAC installer you choose will typically have a couple brands they prefer, sell, and install.

Thanks. We’re actually looking at window units so I don’t think they’ll be directly connected to the thermostat. But we did see that some models can use z-wave extenders and wanted to see if this is a setup that anyone has had success with.


The T3000 would connect to the panel via Z-Wave but there are no supported integrations through for any air conditioners with Z-Wave.