Battery error and other questions

The battery on the controller is giving an error about it being low even after charging for more than a week.

And my other question is if there is a product you offer that will emulate the controller, including the notification that it’s armed beeping that I can buy and put in the garage.

My husband comes home and works in the garage and I’m concerned he’ll forget to use his remote to disarm the alarm. If there is another panel that would beep, it would remind him to enter his code.

The first suggestion, if it is a new panel, would be to unplug the panel’s power transformer, open the backplate, and check to make sure the battery pack has been plugged in. (Panels ship with the battery pack unplugged.) When powering up, always plug in the battery first, before plugging in the transformer.

An easy solution for the audible announcements in the garage is if you have a power receptacle free in the garage, you can use a Resolution Products Universal Wireless Siren and program your open collector output to follow entry/exit delay beeps. This would provide entry delay beeps wherever you need it without adding a TS1 secondary keypad (which is of course an option, but not recommended inside the garage.)

Hi Jason, apologies on my slow reply - I have been on business travel and not at home to try your steps above. I’ll give it a try with the battery later this week and let you know what I find.

Why would you not recommend the TS1 secondary keypad in the garage?

Thanks for the help,

Just in general I wouldn’t recommend placing control equipment (Panel, keypads) inside a garage. Some reasons being operating temperature range bottoming out at 32 and difficult to control humidity.

Jason, I have had a similar issue with low battery. I took over a vivent system from the previous home owner, installed new module, and ran cell test. I got low battery alerts for all sensors. I unplugged each back up battery and wall connections and plugged back in how they it has been suggested. But all the same alerts come back on. What would my next step be?

I got low battery alerts for all sensors. I unplugged each back up battery and wall connections and plugged back in how they it has been suggested. But all the same alerts come back on. What would my next step be?

How long have the sensors been in use since the last time the batteries were replaced? Just to verify that you’re sure the batteries do not need to be replaced. I’m seeing some, but not all, of your sensors reporting as low battery and I have run a requested updated equipment list which has come back indicating you may need to replace the batteries. When you say you unplugged the batteries, did that include the panel battery? If so, did you plug the battery back in completely before plugging in the transformer?

I am not sure. I think there was maybe 6 months left in the former home owners contract with vivent(bought the house 3 weeks ago). Also, I couldn’t actually locate a battery in the hallway motion sensor.

Ah. Dependent on how long the contract was, it could make perfect sense that some of the batteries have been used for a number of years and need to be replaced. Do you know what type of motion detector is the one on which you couldn’t find the battery? Does it look like any shown here?

The one in the hallway looks most like the honeywell sensor.

If this was a take over, there may be an old can somewhere where the battery is that is for all the sensors on the wired TAKE.

That battery is for all the sensors, and all sensors will report low battery connected to it

Else, if all sensors are wireless, and all report low battery, replace all the batteries (drug store).

Also, if this panel is more than 3 yrs old (likely), the 2GIG GoControl main panel battery should be replaced.
panel batteries (BATT1 (standard 2000mah)/BATT1x (2400mah)/BATT2X (2600mah))

Are all the impacted sensors attached to a take over module? From investigating the serial numbers, it appears likely. If so, then they are wired sensors and the low battery notification is likely due to a low battery on the panel to which it is attached for power. If you plugged the battery and power in in the proper order (battery first, then power) then it should be just that panel battery that needs to be replaced (likely a 12V brick battery).

Oh, yes, there is a small ‘car battery looking’ battery in the securty box in the closet. I’ll let you know if this solves the problem.


Is it a 12v 7ah battery? Best place to get a replacement is batteries plus. Get the same type (brand doesn’t matter). Most likely it is an SLA…get a werker.