Basic Programming

I am new to the forum and apologize for asking such a basic question, but I have done a little too much internet research and now have conflicting data from different sources, so I came to the source to find the correct answers.

I have installed nearly all of my sensors but need the Equipment Type and Loop Number codes for the following items so I can do my panel programming:

  • 2GIG DW10-345 Thin Door/Window Contact
  • 2GIG GB!-345 Glass Break
  • Ion Micra Window Sensor
  • Ion Plunger Door Sensor

Thanks very much for your help.


Hi Michael,

The loops you’re looking for are:

2GIG DW10-345 Thin Door/Window Contact - Loop 2
2GIG GB1-345 Glass Break - Loop 1
Ion Micra Window Sensor - Loop 1
Ion Plunger Door Sensor - Loop 1

If there’s anything else you need, just let me know.


Thanks for your help. I also found that since my RF sensor types are 01, 02 or 03, I don’t have to specify an Equipment Type. Hopefully, this will get me up and running!


Just checking in to see if you were able to get everything up and running.

Thanks for checking in Jay. Everything is up and running fine. The only issue I had was that for some reason the Ion Micra and Ion Plunger sensors were not recognized when I manually entered the serial number. I had to use the learn mode to acquire those sensors and they work just fine now.

The learn function is generally a better way to learn in sensors anyway. Glad to hear everything is up and running properly.