Bad LCD screen

I’m getting a line down the right side of my Qolsys IQ panel, it’s about 8 months old. What are the steps to get it fixed? See attached pic.

File was too large, resized…

A vertical line of stuck pixels may just indicate a loose LCD connection. One quick thing to try would be to power down the Qolsys panel: Settings - Installer Code - Power Down. Unplug the panel. Place gentle pressure on the screen and slowly run your thumb down along the area of the line, top to bottom. Leave the panel powered down for a minute, then plug it back in, which will reboot. Any luck?

I’m afraid no luck, still the same when it restarts

Thank you for testing, we will refer to Qolsys and determine any further recommendations and if there are any known fixes. We will update this thread shortly

Circling back on this, it looks like that would be covered under warranty, so if this is under a year old you could go for a replacement.

Our warranty policy can be found here, if purchased from suretyDIY.

Note that the IQ Panel is no longer produced at this time, and units are not available for sale normally on our store. Please contact for information regarding warranty replacement.