Backup Battery Connection

Recent troubleshooting with plugging and unplugging has resulted in white battery connection housing to come loose from connection pins. Is there a prescribed method to reseat this connection without bending the pins which are long, and not too sturdy for much pressure?

Are you referring to the battery connection seat on a 2GIG Go!Control? Can you post a quick photo of the loose connection?

Yes, that is correct. Please see images.

Oh, wow it was pulled off the pins. Ok, you should be able to re-seat the connector down on the pins. So you are having trouble getting the pins through the connector seat? It will likely be a very tight fit still. It’s very difficult to pull one off typically, but I was able to just remove one and replace it.

Using needle-nose pliers or small screwdriver to press down between the pins (something thinner than width between pins) is easiest

Thanks for your suggestion. Back in place. Also, what is the suggested frequency for replacing the backup battery?
There doesn’t appear to be a visible measure of remaining power. When battery reaches a critically low level, will there be a notification similar to that of system sensors?

The battery is rechargeable, and will show low battery every time when it dips too low.

As far as battery health and replacement, generally I would say every 3 years or so is a good point to replace, depending on usage. You will start noticing low battery notifications more quickly after power loss.