Backup 2GIG Panel

I’m thinking of getting a new 2GIG GO panel to replace my old one because it is REALLY old and not doing so good. It is an old APX (pre-vivint) panel. I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.10 and have about 30 zwave devices and 16 security sensors.



Have you lost any functionality with the panel?

Perhaps, but it is difficult to know for sure. One of this things it does is not transmit arm/disarm sound through the speaker, but instead just through my TS1.

Rive got a new panel today and the zwave version is 3.42 whereas my panel is 2.78.

Given my setup uses zwave heavily and the speaker issue, I’m ready to upgrade the panel.


Keep in mind that sometimes the back is overridden, but I performed a back up after your initial post, so hopefully we’ll be able to do a panel swap and retain your non-zwave programming and transfer it to your new panel. Z-wave items will have to be learned in to the new panel.


Can can you resent the backup file? It sidn’t seem to take on my new panel.


Hm. Looks like ADC overrode your back up at 9:15am this morning. Was the new panel on the account at that point? It would explain why a panel swap after that point would not be fruitful.

I installed the new panel after you said I was backed up. I’m not sure what happened. I just popped in my modem, did a cell test, then waited. When it didnt’ restore, I email you the next day. Im not sure what happened.

I ended up just sitting the old panel next to the new one and transferred the programming by hand in about two hours. Not the best, but it worked

Swapping a 2GIG panel with works like this…

  1. We initiate a manual backup of the old panel and wait until it competes.
  2. You power down the old panel.
  3. We initiate the panel swap process while the old panel is powered down.
  4. You move the cellular module from the old panel to the new panel.
  5. You power up the new panel and leave it alone for about an hour while pushes the old panel settings into the new panel.

There are automatic panel backups and manual panel backups. We can initiate a manual backup but the automatic backups occur whenever decides to do them.

If you move the cellular module and power up the new panel (steps 4 & 5) before we initiate the panel swap process (step 3) then may automatically back up the new panel with the new panel settings and overwrite the previous backup of the old panel settings. can only have one backup for your panel at a time. Every time it backs up settings it overwrites the previous backup. It was a poor design decision (in my not so humble opinion) which I have complained about repeatedly. Hopefully they’ll improve it soon.