AWAY Lighting Conditional

I have several scheduled lighting events programmed, both using time certain and sunrise/sunset, as well as the +/- 45 minute feature.

The intent of the design is to provide a lived in look when AWAY. I really do not need the scenario to run when at home, since life at home creates it’s own randomness.

Am I missing something that allows this conditional of AWAY? Perhaps in the ACTIVATE field?

I realize this is not a true automation programming suite, offering multiple CONDITIONALS but AWAY seems like a no brainer. I really do not want to add additional hardware since in general I am happy with Z-Wave and ALARM.COM features.

It is a bit of a no brainer to try to implement that. As of yet, variables to determine “If” a lighting schedule runs are not available, only “when” it runs.

I assume you want to create something like the following:

Turn on kitchen light at 8 PM, give or take 45 minutes, only if panel is armed away.
Turn on Front porch lights at 9PM for two hours on weekdays only if panel is armed away.

It is a good suggestion. I’ve requested that be added as a variable, and it certainly makes sense, since smart away features for the thermostat automation already do something similar.

Unfortunately for the time being it would be to create a rule to turn on lights when the system is armed away (arming as the trigger) or to create a schedule to turn on certain days at certain times.