Assistance with Z-Wave Devices and 2GIG

Hi there, I noticed 6 malfunction devices. 5 of these switches/devices shown as dimmers are not at property and I am unable to delete them from panel. I have tried few timea. 6th one switch Office/Study is intermittent. It worked few times and not working since then from panel or app. Can you please help? Thanks.

I would be happy to assist!

I can see the malfunctioning z-wave devices, would you like me to delete those z-wave devices for you?

As for the Office/Study switch, how far away from the panel was this switch when you learned it in? It is best to be within a few feet from the panel when pairing.

How far away from said device and the nearest z-wave device or panel?

Try removing it from the panel, then relearning it in. Any change?

Hi there, Yes please delete those 5 malfunction devices.

Regarding the Office/Study switch, it is within 10 feet or so from other device. I haven’t removed it from the panel but can try that.


Commands have been sent to delete the requested z-wave devices although it appears they are not deleting. Please note, if the z-wave devices are still communicating with the panel, they can not be deleted remotely and would have to be deleted at the panel.