ARM notification feature

I received an email today about your new monitoring service. There is an option to sign up form the new ARM feature notification system. I don’t completely understand it. Can you explain it in depth. Screenshots would be great with your explanation

Sure, the Alarm Response Messenger service is an optional feature for accounts with 24/7 monitoring. A chat link is sent as an SMS text message. Access the link to enter a chat with any other valid contacts on the account who are enabled for ARM.

From that chat window users can discuss the event to quickly confirm whether a response is needed, immediately request dispatch, or dismiss the alarm. A valid password must be typed to dismiss. See attached images.


How instinctual is this? I am pretty good at technology, but my family and neighbors may not be?

If I sign up for this, will they get the text AND will they still get called?

ARM can be enabled or disabled when you wish as any other service plan feature.

It can be enabled for all contacts or for select contacts on your list.

Calls are still made should the alarm not be previously addressed by the chat tool. It does not replace call contacts, it is the first contact method, which allows for your chosen contacts to be notified via the chat tool simultaneously.