APX 2Gig System in Purchased Forclosed Home

We bought a foreclosed home with an installed Go!Control panel, looks like it was set up by ADX/Vivint. I don’t want to use them for my monitoring. I contacted someone through alarm.com and they said it has not been released so I can’t use it.

My husband tried the default installer codes I’ve found searching online, but with no luck.

Is there anything we can do to be able to use this system?

Default installer code is 2203 (if this vivint code doesn’t work, then the last owner changed the installer code) and the default duress user/code is 2580.

All you need is a new cellular module. Vivint will not release cellular module. You’ll have to buy a new one. They usually cost between $90 and $120. Make sure you get a released cell module.

Q44/Q45 are probably all locked, but once you replace the cellular and have it activated you can have your new provider change it.

Ya might need to update firmware in order to use a newer cell module. If that is the case, you’ll also need a firmware update cable. They usually run about $30.

You will need version 1.9.5 firmware to use a Verizon module or you’ll need version 1.9.6 to use an AT&T 3G module. If you want to use one of those then you should also get a 2GIG update cable to update the firmware to the latest version.