Apple Watch, HomeKit and iPad - Feature Suggestions

Can you pass along to these couple bits of information please?

  1. The Apple Watch app needs to be updated for WatchOS2 as it sometimes is very slow to get going. I love the simplicity of my watch, just need it faster.

  2. Can they add TouchID and improved resolution on for iPad especially Pro? TouchID is on the iPhone app.

  3. Any status on HomeKit integration? Would love to just tell Siri commands.

I have forwarded your questions to I will update with responses. I would very much doubt any info is available on the Homekit. Even if it was being worked on, I would expect information to be released late in the process.

Thank you, didn’t know how to get it to ADC the best as feedback.

This is a good way. Suggestions are always welcome. The more times something gets requested the more likely it becomes a feature.