App Relay Questions

I have been having slow responses when arming my alarm from the mobile client, If you look at the history, you will see that since Friday it takes 15 - 30 minutes from the time the arm stay command is sent to the time the alarm actually arms. I have checked my signal and the color is green with a 21 as the number shown in quality.

Has been having service issues or delays that could be causing commands to be delayed. Its a bit concerning as I am worried that if the alarm was to go off it would take that long for me to get alerted of the alarm.

I found a similar issue locally with ATT HSPA signalling last week and have already reported it to ADC, so this should be resolved quickly. However, the symptoms look like they only affect inbound signals like remote commands, not outbound ones like activity monitoring or alarms.

One thing to test, which would help in having ADC quickly fix the issue, is to send a command to your panel, allow a few minutes to verify that it is taking too long, then run a cell phone test from the panel. See if your command is acknowledged immediately following the test signal.

Did as you suggested twice, my first command was to turn off a light that was on. Waited 4-5 minutes then preformed the test, sure enough within 30 seconds of the test the lights went out. Then I tested the alarm arming, sent the command waited a minute or two and then did an alarm test, sure enough within 30 seconds it armed.

Armed panel away (with bypassed sensors) almost an hour and 1/2 ago…ADC still reports panel disarmed…(although it reports the bypassed sensors). Activity monitoring is basically useless (it reports active motions as “idle”, and open sensors as " closed").

“At home” based VMD recording rules for cameras are not working either…evidently cameras are only good if ADC receives an alarm event, or for manual viewing/recording.

ADC apparently is not communicating real time arming status to Cameras, Cameras don’t know if panel is disarmed, armed stay, or armed away.

Sending this additional information to ADC. I am expecting an update soon.

It looks like proper communication should be restored to affected accounts.