anyone notice that 1.13 enabled standalone Go!Bridge functionality?

With firmware 1.13 you can setup ADC service with either the cell module OR the Go!Bridge.

The cell is apparently no longer required for broadband go! bridge setup/use.

That’s for Uplink service, not Uplink is a competitor to

Ahh, my bad.

So uplink can use the 2GIG Go!Bridge standalone, but ADC cant?

Are there multiple versions of the brdg1 (e.g., “ADC-BRDG1”, “UPLINK-BRDG1”), or is the 2GIG-BRDG1 designed to work with all backend service providers? has always been very adamant that they will require cellular for all accounts. They dont trust the reliability of broadband alone.

As far as I know there is only 1 Go!Bridge.