Any use for Minimote?

Other than associating Z-wave switches/dimmers and remote switches, is there any use for the Aeon Minimote within the 2Gig network? For example, is it possible to configure the minimote to control anything? I notice that ADC shows it as a “Z-Wave Controller/Z-Wave Light” in the “emPower devices” screen.

Unfortunately, the only thing we have ever used the Minimote for is associating the remote transmitters to Zwave switches.

It is not *technically a controller in the network how we are using it, as it is not learned into the 2Gig panel as any sort of primary controller, (2Gig cannot be primary if there are two.)

However, it can be used to control a system. See this link for detail.

The catch is that it would need to be the primary controller, everything would need to be learned into it first, and it would need to be able to then transmit all that data to the 2Gig panel when you learn it in as a secondary (which I am not sure is possible with the Minimote.)

Also, you should be able to use a dedicated primary controller like a Vera, then use the Minimote and 2Gig as secondary controllers, but that’s going a bit out of the way to make use of the remote. (I’m not much one for remotes myself, given my propensity for misplacing them, and prefer the manual controls stationary and make more use of actual automated processes.)

2GIG and Minimote:

This little [minimote] remote is pretty awesome I can create a scene on the fly, you can select dimming levels of lights and when u hit that button on the minimote what ever is asossociated lights and levels will activate. You can also dim or increase light levels in the scene. By holding the button to the desired level. I use this from my under table lighting/ behind bed up lighting and side light lamps

Well that quote would indicate that it has the capacity to simply act as a wandering transmitter, not a controller, which is much better with respect to 2Gig. So there ya go. We have one sitting around here, I’ll break it out and test all the functions.

Does anyone have any updated info on this?

I am looking into getting something like this so I can trigger scenes (like Bedtime, or Good Morning) without using the GoControl panel (that damn beep).

I do not want to lose ADC functionality (why can’t they just add scenes) and it would be awesome if I could trigger scenes I already have setup in the 2gig panel, but would be perfectly OK if I had to setup new scenes on the remote.

Thanks in advance.

It will only work with lights, but yes, you can program four distinct scenes into the Minimote. The Minimote instructions can be found here.

You would not lose ADC functionality.

I’ll bump this topic up a bit . . . I was able to get this to work, but the minimote instructions were incorrect (!). Rather than press/tap the load to be controlled once, I had to double-tap it in quick succession to get a button to be associated with the load.